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Step into Spring with Ojai Pixie tangerines.

Refreshing, uplifting, and bursting with energy. The Ojai Valley is alive with scents of neroli and jasmine. We've rounded up some of the best citrus-themed products by local women-owned to deliver the essence of spring straight to your door.


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1. Pixie-Citrine Crystal-Inspired Soap by Local Bath Box
The featured soap of the season are our signature Pixie-Citrine crystal soaps with tangerine rinds, turmeric, and pure essential oils of sweet orange and lemon eucalyptus designed to uplift and invigorate the senses.

2. Pixie-Citrine Soap Round by Local Bath Box
The same soap base as #1, and adorned with a citrine pocket crystal. Designed to uplift your spirits, and foster an air of positivity, renewal, and abundance. Set an intention or repeat a mantra with each rinse, and add the gemstone to your wallet or purse when the soap has finished.

3. Energize Bath Soak by From the Heart of Ojai
Our seasonal featured maker, Leanne Rains offers a wide variety of soaps, salts, lotions, and sprays inspired by local ingredients and seasonal events. One of our favorites, is this invigorating sea salt soak. Made with dried botanicals of calendula and saffron, and perfectly scented with grapefruit essential oil, its sure to energize the soul.

4. Elevate Therapeutic Oil by Dragonfly Organica
So pleased to introduce you to another new featured maker, Oja-based, Dragonfly Organica. Allision's line of therapeutic oils are perfectly sized and scented to carry around with you all day. Made with organic ginger, patchouli, and sweet orange in a jojoba oil base, this blend is spectacular for use around the throat and ears and neck.

5. Orange Blossom Hydrosol by Gara Skincare
Emilee and Paul have been busy at work distilling the season's bounty of orange blossoms, and this product is simply the freshest on the market. Keep in the fridge and spritz yourself after a hot shower, or when you're in need of a quick transport into the orchards of Ojai. You can even add a bit to your iced beverage to add a floral, and joyful aroma.

6. Positivitea by Mystic Musings

A bright, airy blend to uplift and awaken our spirit after the deep winter slumber. 100% organic, and infused with love & Reiki in Ventura, CA. Positivitea is hand-blended to support and awaken the sacral chakra (also beneficial to heart and throat chakras), its a gentle yet powerful antidepressant, great for gut health and moving stagnant energies i.e. "winter" energy.


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