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Lavender Fields


Lavender season is a special time of year here in Ojai. We have an incredible bounty of local farms and events that celebrate the harvest of the year. The deepest purple color can be viewed Mid-June through mid-July; but anytime you can get out and enjoy the scents and blooms is highly recommended! Our seasonal members earned first dibs on LBB's curated selection of locally-made bath and wellness goods highlighting lavender and featuring the amethyst gemstone.

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1. Lavender-Amethyst Crystal-Inspired Soap by Local Bath Box
The featured soap of the season is our signature Lavender-Amethyst crystal soap featuring pure lavender essential oil grown and steam distilled by Rivendell Lavender in Ojai. It is delightfully pure and relaxing and hydrating to the skin.

2. Lavender-Amethyst Soap Round by Local Bath Box
The same soap base as #1, and adorned with an amethyst pocket crystal. Designed to uplift your spirits, and foster an air of positivity, relaxation, and protection. Set an intention or repeat a mantra with each rinse, and add the gemstone to your bedside table when the soap has finished.


3. Lavender Love Botanical Salt by Local Bath Box

Anyone else move through bath salts like crazy? That's why we created a multipurpose scrub + bath salt that can be used in and out of the tub. Featuring pure Epsom salt, and nutrient-packed Dead Sea Salts, jojoba oil, and lavender buds grown by Frog Creek Lavender farm. We know you'll love it, and it's priced to be used as a household staple!

4. Body and Bath Oil by June Bloom Lavender
Our seasonal featured maker, Melissa Broughton offers a wide variety of lavender salts, oils, candles and even edible treats all made with the lavender she grows in the Lompoc area. We love this multipurpose oil that can be used in the bath, after a warm shower, or even as a massage oil!

5. Lavender Lip Balm by June Bloom Lavender
A perfect little travel companion, this nourishing balm is lightly scented with spearmint, lavender and vanilla essential oils. 

6. Lavender Hydrosol by Gara Skincare
A household staple that we can't recommend enough. This earthy and floral hydrosol is a gentle mood stabilizer, and releases an uplifting scent. It is gentle and effective as a facial toner, and to help soothe minor cuts and bruises (pro-tip: use on the kiddos for a healthy distraction when they are in need of a healthy distraction!)

7. Travel Candle by Lavande

A beautifully scented candle that is the perfect size to pop into any space that is in need of a refresh. Lavande is a family owned and operated lavender farm that offers a wide variety and skincare and home goods, based in Santa Ynez, CA.

8. Lavender Bath Bomb by BodTea

A pure and soothing companion to have on hand when your in need on some deep relaxation. Use in the tub, or as a foot soak - Made with pure ingredients in Ojai.


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