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Summer heat and the allure of international travel plans spark an intrigue to learn more about the history of Olea europaea (Olive Tree). While the precious fruit is busy fattening and ripening in the summer sun, the fall brings us closer to harvest. In Mediterranean climates, olives have been the king crop for thousands of years, and for good reason. A versatile and timeless this crop, Olive oil boasts amazing health benefits, safe for both internal and external use.
The August Box features olive oil products from near and far - including Ojai, France, and Africa; a slight variation from our typical LOCAL ONLY sourcing - all to help celebrate an interconnected world, spanning both time and geographic boundaries.

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1. Olive Opal Crystal-Inspired Soap by Local Bath Box
The featured soap of the season is our newest Olive Opal crystal soap featuring pure lemongrass essential oil. It is a bright and earthy scent, delightfully nourishing and hydrating to the skin.

2. Olive Opal Soap Round by Local Bath Box
The same soap base as #1, and adorned with an Olive Opal pocket crystal. Designed to uplift your spirits, and foster an air of energetic cleansing and rejuvenation. Set an intention or repeat a mantra with each rinse, and add the gemstone to your bedside table when the soap has finished.


3. Olive Oil by Mama Tree

Mama Tree is an organic Olive Oil Ranch located in Upper Ojai. Madeline, the lead Ranch manager and her team, offer drinking vinegars, Pixies, walnuts and avocados in addition to their delicious olive oil. The Mama Tree olive oil offered in the August Box is a finishing oil (buttery taste, best for dipping and salad dressings v. cooking). We also love it as a deeply nourishing moisturizer, and to help sunburnt skin.

4. Savon de Marseille by Chamarel

Savon de Marseille is a centuries old soap recipe that dates back to the 1600s, and features olive oil as the star ingredient. It is the most versatile and eco-friendly soap on the planet, and can be used directly on skin as a nourishing body soap, or as a solid dish soap. It can also be grated down and combined with water for use as a:



  • liquid laundry soap

  • countertops and bathtub cleaner

  • stain remover, and spot cleaner for leather and upholstery

  • jewelry wash

  • plant spray to detract pests

  • and some even use it to clean their teeth!

6. Olive Wood Bowl and Spoon from Tunisia 

A sustainably harvested olive wood bowl and spoon handcrafted in Tunisia, Africa. We love this set because it is made from olive oil trees no longer producing oils, and it can be used for dipping oils, or mixing up a fresh facial mask.

7. French Green Clay Face Mask by Local Bath Box

Sustainably sourced French green clay, with dried calendula and lemongrass essential oil. For a clear and bright complexion, thats suitable for all skin types.



To use: Mix one teaspoon of clay with equal parts olive oil and water until a thin consistency. Apply in upward circular motions, & let dry. Rinse with warm water and a cold water finish. Follow with your favorite facial cleanser and moisturizer - try our Olive Opal soap!

Olive Tree
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