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Seasonal and festive, these carefully selected bath and wellness goods are made with intention and pure ingredients. Each product will help promote a sense of health, purity, peace, and respite this holiday season.


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Three gift box options available
​PREORDER window will be open 11/11/22 - 11/25/22
Boxes ship by 12/8/22
Boxes will be available for local pickup 12/10/22




*each gift box comes with eco-friendly gift wrap, including insert card, name tag, and ribbon.


1. Selenite + Cedarwood Crystal-Inspired Soap by Local Bath Box
This holiday season, LBB's featured crystal-inspired soap is Selenite + Cedarwood, featuring pure essential oils of cedarwood and rose geranium. Our newest soap scent imbibes a sweet, earthy, and pure scent - a festive way to celebrate the winter season in your daily cleansing rituals.

2. Selenite + Cedarwood Seasonal Soap Round by Local Bath Box
The same soap base as #1 in our traditional round shape. Selenite is a pure white gemstone known for cleansing and purity. We created this shimmery white soap to mimic the look and energetic properties of selenite, but left the stone out of the soap this time!

3. Selenite Smudge Stick by Local Bath Box

A selenite wand delicately paired with a cedar stick, local sage, and cedarwood branches to add a festive touch to any space. Carefully light the hand-foraged botanicals to create a smoke cleanse for your home.

4. Cedarwood + Rose Geranium Salt Soak by GARA Skincare

Our friends at GARA Skincare understand the recipe of a perfect, healing bath. Created especially for LBB, this Cedarwood + Rose Geranium Salt Soak includes therapeutic Epsom salts and fractionated coconut oil for a gently hydrating bath experience. Cedarwood is a natural antifungal, is helpful with acne, and rose geranium is known for its properties in supporting women's reproductive health.

5. Wildcrafted Redwood Oil by Chiky Botanica

Proud to introduce you to our newest featured maker, Chiky Botanica, a woman-owned business based in Ojai, CA. This handcrafted redwood oil is a perfect ally to have on hand during the winter months, when skin can become more dry than usual. Deeply hydrating and nourishing, this all-purpose body oil will transport you to a redwood forest, and help keep your skin clean and clear.

6. Cedarwood Candle by Shop Dusk

Our favorite candle and crystal bar around! This seasonal candle is made with pure soy wax, and cedar essential oil to fill your home with a pleasant and festive aroma. When you're done with the candle, don't forget to visit the shop and refill it with your own custom scent!


7Cedarwood Hydrosol by GARA Skincare

Locally distilled from the core of an Atlas cedar, this hydrosol has helpful topical benefits for both hair and skin. Explore its amazing qualities:

  • Adds shine to dry, damaged or treated hair

  • Spray on hair to soften and detangle

  • As a scalp treatment for thinning hair, scalp itch, and dandruff

  • Spray directly on sore, achy joints and arthritic areas

  • Calming aroma, grounded energy


photo by GARA Skincare

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