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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm a new customer, How do I log into my customer portal? 
A. The login has shifted from Wix, to Subbly effective 11/15/2021. Visit the link below to login and manage your preferences.

Q. How does the rewards program work?
A. You get $5, and they get $5! After you make an initial purchase, we will automatically send you a unique referral link. Feel free to post it on social media, text, or email it to any friends or family who you think may enjoy our products! If the person who referred makes a purchase using your link, $5 is automatically credited to both accounts. Your stored credit will automatically be applied to future balances. It's super easy! 

Q. I forgot my referral link, how do I find it?
A. You can access your link by logging into you Subbly account, or referring back to the original thank you email from us.

Q. Is there a commitment period for the seasonal membership?
A. Nope. You can opt out at any time if you are paying on a bimonthly basis (note cutoff dates below). If you've paid in full, unfortunately there are no refunds, and you will receive the products you paid for on the scheduled delivery dates. 

Q. I signed up for a seasonal membership. What are the dates I should keep in mind:

A. Check out this chart! And don't worry, we will send you email reminders, when its time to set your preferences for the month!


FAQ Dates_Revised 08-30-22.png

Q. How does Local Bath Box ensure quality products?


A. Local Bath Box meticulously curates products based on locality, ingredients, craftsmanship. If it’s in our boxes, you can rest assured that each product was made locally, and that each ingredient was checked through EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetic database to ensure the utmost safety. Not only are the products safe to use, but many have healing properties. All Local Bath Box products are perfectly scented with healing essential oils, (you will never see the use synthetic fragrance oils which can contain highly toxic phthalates).

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