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Hi, everyone, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. My name is Lauren, and I am the creator of the Local Bath Box. As a mother of two, I am keenly aware of fostering and maintaining a healthy household, and I have grown to learn that it starts with me. 

Local Bath Box is a culmination of a few of my most favorite things: using healthy products, caring for the environment, supporting local artisans, and of course, some genuine self-care time.

Throughout my education and professional career, I’ve been struck again and again by the importance of the mother’s role in the household. Matriarchs often serve as quiet and deliberate foot soldiers, fighting for the health of our household and our communities, through small and consistent daily choices. We want and do the best we can for our families. 

Local Bath Box is a fun and joyous way to support yourself, (or a lucky loved one) through our daily endeavors. With beautiful and unique products that are guilt-free, and created to nourish your spirit, Local Bath Box will help you feel grounded and connected with your true self without ever having to leave your home. I'm eager to see the ways that Local Bath Box can inspire you!

Over the last ten years, I earned degrees in Environmental Science, Urban Environmental Policy & Planning; and Water: Systems, Science, and Society. Professionally, I have worked in the industries of watershed planning and affordable housing development. It's through these experiences that I’ve thought critically on ways to disrupt existing supply chains in order to create more sound local economies. Together, I truly believe we can build a greater sense of environmental, social, and economic resiliency in our communities.

Home is where the heart is, and where we can all do our part for the collective good.

In gratitude and love,


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